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About Gayla 


    In 1981, The Honey Bee opened a studio and gallery in Woodland Hills, CA. Gayla's uniqueness in photography style along with her vitality and variety attracted many distinctive clients. Among these exciting clients were Barbara Walters, Vin Scully, Delta Burke and many other special people that attributed to her fine reputation. In 1996 Gayla married Martin Wolf and moved to Bishop, California making their home.

    Specializing in outdoor family portraits, Gayla has passionate enthusiasm for the families she photographs and a high level of technical skill with over 30 years of experience.  The Honey Bee also has an indoor studio with a wonderful selection of back-drops from professional to classic.

   Gayla's work is fun, loving, creative, well-composed and different.


     The Honey Bee’s commercial photography work by Gayla Wolf has appeared around the world on countless family walls, art exhibits and ad campaigns. Gayla’s work has been viewed at art shows in Beverly Hills, Westwood, Encino, Westlake and on invitation. Locally, her work has been featured in “Visit Bishop”, local media sources for The Bishop Chamber of Commerce, The Sheet and  The Inyo Register.


"Family pictures you will love!"

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